James Andrews
I'm but a starving blue-eyed bard. Tired of the same ol' humdrum of this prison.

I write for fun, I write for friends. I write for love. Anyone who can't find it in themselves to write about how much they love me (which is impossible), then please write me love letters about something in this life you do adore. I live for passion, lust for life. If you have a hard time stoking the flames of your soul then step closer and allow me to light a fire.

Love So Hard.

She was my everything.
I've never felt so alive.
I know she had by back.
She gave me strenght.

But nothing is forever,
and this cruel world snuck up
and stole her from me
like a thief in the night.

A piece of me died that day,
and this heart of mine,
full of love, full of hope,
started to change.

Now there's an empty spot
that can't feel anything
because it loved do hard
that it's afraid to lose again.

I wrote that poem when my mom passed away. I spend my days writing and memorizing poetry. I publish and recite i poetry slams. If you write then write for me, with me. If you don't then let me write for you.

I love snail mail-letters. The personal touch, the craft, and time spent on just one person is intimate, romantiac. However, if writing is not your thing then text me at connectnetwork.com. Can't wait to meet you!

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