Steven Nelson
Steven Nelson # 1778707
Goree Unit Trusty Camp
7405 Highway 75 South
Huntsville   TX   77344   USA
I feel like I'm trying to sell a used car to someone who needs a horse when I wrote this; what am I supposed to say “My name is Steve, I enjoy long walks to the chow hall, wearing polyester, and discussing the subtle nuisance of Roman noodles…”?

To be honest, every day in here is the same and it gets very old very quickly listening to everyone tell the same lies over and over (have I ever told you I was an astronaut ha ha).

I miss having the opportunity to be myself; this is where you come in.

The last thing I’m looking for is a relationship and I am not interested in playing games with anyone so all I have to offer is an empathetic ear, my friendship, and a bag of corn chips (you know, if you're into that kind of thing)…

I do have a lot to say but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish to also listen because realistically, that’s what I’m looking for, I want to get to know people on more than a perfunctory basis, share my hopes and dreams (without having to worry about my “image” or whether or not I look and sound “tough” [because my situation dictates it} and hopefully have them do the same…

I’m surrounded by 1000 people at any given time and I still feel alone, the thing is, I know some of you feel the same so if you're reading this, I’ll be waiting.

Steve Nelson #1778707
Goree Unit Trusty Camp
7405 Hwy 75 South
Huntsville, TX 77344

Ad Start: 06-02-2022
Ad Expiration:  06-02-2023
Evading Arrest (in vehicle w/no victims)
Release Date
Parole Eligible 11/2023