James Laster
James Laster # 1778481 
Estes Unit
1100 Highway 1807     
Venus, TX 76084 USA
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. 

I hope that you will see something that interest you and decide to write.

I will be up for parole in September 2018. Between now and then I would love to spend my time getting to know you and becoming a positive force in your life as you would certainly be a positive force in mine. I am currently house just outside of Dallas, TX.

Since coming to prison I have completely reinvented myself. I use my time to work out, read, write and educate myself as much as possible every day. I keep my energy positive as I believe that the energy we give off is the same energy we receive.

I have recently graduated from the prison entrepreneurship program. I have also taken college academics as well as vocational courses that will benefit me once I am released. Time is precious (even in prison) and I cannot allow myself to waste it.

I am very easy going and open-minded. I have a crazy sense of humor and I love to laugh and have fun. My personality is full of life and energy. I am hoping to meet someone interesting for friendship with the possibility of more.
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Aggravated Assault
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