Bobby Vincent
!!What’s up, friends and Blessings. Really I haven’t written to many people in a while. Because I've been sittin down chillin out me way. Too much negative activity, me! I like awesome friends that’s real with positive mindset. I'm not trying to start no relationship or take anyone's wife, just my conversation run’s for miles and to my understanding to have awesome friendships with females and males that's all we need. I’m 31 my birthday is May 20th.

I’m all into history bios! Love to read. I also have some things I want to be honest about. Mandatory real recognize real. I have a sex case an 40 years I’ve been down 15 years. I had 25 year offered 1st but took to tilal. My case goes a long ways. My case has nothing to do with rape or childmolestion. I was 19 and she was 16 at a party.

I have 2 kids, a 15 year old girl and a 16 year old boy. That with their mom my best friend faithfully come see’s me. But I have all this in black n white court paper to prove everything I tell you “not a predator” just caught up. I’m a white man, about 200 pounds. Tattoos from my head to my feet. Really this me. And no comlex I came up in an all black neighborhood. I’m from Orange, TX 4th N Park only 5 white boys out my hood. But over the years I've except reality. I'm not a boy no more I.m a man an have grown up I don't want this no more, want to get out start a family maybe have more kids and be alive paw paw and want to work like a man supposed to. I miss my family. I’ve had everything taken from me I time already I refuse to ever let that happen again. But yea my name's Bobby Vincent an this me with a whole life of friendship men, women. I’m down with anyone. All I ask is don't judge a book by its cover before you read it. Let me have a chance but I can't make no one do nothin but remember everything I said about my case. I can prove it. Waitin on you. I see parole in 5 years.

Bobby G. Vincent

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