Sam Sourikoff
Sam Sourikoff # 17704050   
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem OR 97310-0505 USA
It's the year of the earth dog and the transformation of an impounded dog into a charming, well-groomed man has already begun. A wonderful routine of cold showers, yard-time without the leash, and months of abstinence is turning wild and un-tamed into fully house-trained. This is the story of an underdog. Of a young pup who thrown in at 22 is finally discovering that maybe his heart... is bigger than his bark. Having seen his potential and only scratching the surface, he's done chasing squirrels and devoted to being a good-boy. While some could doubt that you've found a real 'catch' here, have you ever heard of an Australian dog diamond?

Me neither, but I'm pretty sure it's an imperfect and rare, high quality, muscular rock that once polished reveals a magnificent shine much of the world passed over.

If you're like me, you're probably wondering what you just read. Some poetry's like that. LOL. I thought I'd be original and was hoping to make you laugh. There's maybe even a moral-to-the-story in there somewhere.
Truth is I got into trouble 1 time when I was young, but yikes! it was a lot of trouble. Learning from my mistakes, I'm focused on making the most of a second chance. Many people have regrets in life, but those don't have to define me. Instead they motivate me, leaving me more determined than ever to be a good person. Because at the end of the day, if my personality reflects honesty, a positive influence, and commitment in relationships, then I can be happy with who I am. I have grown to expect more from myself than running after the tennis ball or drinking toilet water.

I wrote this to break through barriers. Despite my temporary address, I'm not giving up on making new and lasting friendships. Society wants me to feel discouraged, but there's a million ways to meet somebody and so many are based on chance. However small the odds of our paths ever crossing, that brief moment can potentially start something beautiful. Open to the possibilities, my goals are being a guy you're happy knowing, who makes you smile, and lets you feel like you can be yourself.

Spending the summers in Lake Tahoe, I love the outdoors: hiking, wakeboarding, barbecues with family, and campouts with friends. I'm 31, 6 foot, athletic, adventurous, and can't describe how excited I am with only 2 years left to go.

I'm comfortable answering any of your questions, and it's perfectly okay to ask for more details about me, anything at all just shoot. Besides being genuine and honest, I'm a fit, sporting lad with a shiny coat whose true passion is frisbee. I like running and am a sure bet at the dog-track. I have a standing truce with the mailman, so you can be sure your letter will make it.
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