Ryan Kuhs
Ryan Kuhs # 176769  
P O Box 8200     
Florence, AZ 85132 USA
Think you can pronounce my last name? Give it a try when you write me.

So I've been down since November 2005 and was on death row from September 2007-January 2016 and it's fair to say I've had a few penpals within that time. Some I miss and will never find again, some I hope to never find  again, and others lost to circumstances outside our control. The majority were beautiful while heartbreaking. And at times I wonder why I do this.

My situation makes things difficult for both sides but despite its faults when you get it right pen palling can be amazing and make it all worth it. Ideally I'd like to find someone to share my life and thoughts with and be let into theirs.

I feel I connect best with those who are self honest and introspective. If you're open and vulnerable we'll get on fine.

I write most times as if it's a diary entry. So I want something mutual in that respect.

My interest are wide and eclectic, music being a huge part of it. I try to be cultured in the arts but am limited in scope. I draw when inspired and write poetry when heartbroken.

I can appreciate a good story in whatever genre or medium. Before I go back thru your life and remember the songs that are associated with 10 moments in your life and tell me the songs and stories behind why.

Have fun.

Felony 1st Degree Murder 1st Degree Burglary
Release Date
1st Parole 2033
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