Arthur Westwolf III # 17661-046
FCI Sheridan
P O Box 5000
Sheridan   OR   97378   USA
Arthur Westwolf III

Whats up?  Well I guess I'll start off by saying I've never done anything like this before, so please bare with me as I try not to fuck this up..  My name is Art, I'm a Full Blood Blackfeet from the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.  I'm currently serving time on a Gun Charge.  I'm 27 years old, Im obsessed with music, it takes up alot of my time on the outs, its what I enjoy to do most, but the more I expand and venture off into various things, I'm starting to realize I just love creating in general.  I really love to write, I take pride in the things I've written and have created because its the only time I ever feel comfortable being myself.  I'm very dedicated to my work ethic.  I work out 5 times a week and I've been furthering my education since being locked up and I plan to continue doing so.

The world isnt perfect and for the people that believe humans ever could be are crazy as fuck!  I use my time wisely and continue to work on my mind and body.  I'm a very blunt person.  I'm honest as fuck when it comes to expressing myself.  I'm a shy / silent dude at times, but when I do speak up I'm gonna say what I mean and mean what I say.  I've always been the type to create my own way, I don't follow the crowd, I'm usually off in my own world.  I'm a funny dude, I enjoy just talking shit and making people laugh, I love all kinds of women, older, younger, my own age, I've been with them all.  I love to make a woman smile, I love a woman who is sure of herself and what she wants outta life.  I've had my fair share of games and toxic relationships being young and crazy, but I'm through with all that.  I'm lookin for somethin solid. I'm looking for something new, basically I'm done with the bullshit, like I said, I got a strong work ethic, if I want something BAD enough, I usually find a way to get it.  I'm a very open minded person and I'm optimistic when it comes to the world.  So optimistic that I took a bros advice when he suggested I sign up for this shit.  Thats all I got for now feel, free to reach out.

Native American
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