Jae'Leyn Chambliss # 175627
R L W Randall Williams
7206 W 7th Avenue
Pine Bluff   AR   71603   USA
Jae'Leyn Chambliss
This Profile is meant for you, the reader and what I have to offer. Being incarcerated a man doesn't have much, but what a man does have you’re more than welcome to. It can be a laugh, memory or some insight on what might be running through your thoughts.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a dark place searching for a light and I'd like to take the necessary steps that would lead us to becoming friends, “ The start of a shine”.  I tend to be a tentative writer and an avid listener and will be happy to respond accordingly, understanding your feelings and responding to them with positive feedback, walking beside you instead of in front of you.

Getting to know someone is a process, not a science project with unchangeable data. You must view your friend as the person they are with patience, understanding, allowing each other room to evolve. A friendship built on a solid foundation will stand strong in the storm when others fall apart.

I'm taking a chance and rolling the dice in doing this. I hope to find someone willing to invest in getting to know me as much as I would like to get to know them.

Your Friend,

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African American
Unlawful Discharge Firearm
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