William L Means (aka Mean White Bull)
“Ha Ba” Hello in my Northern Arapaho tribal language,
As to my intro; my name is William L Means # 17513. (aka) William L Mean White Bull legally changed name in The Wind River Tribal Court. I just turned 58 on the tenth of September 16, 2021. I ‘am serving a life sentence for murder as I have been incarcerated for 26 years. I am a Single and in need of a pen-pal to correspond with tribal things and tribal culture, heritage, and traditions, about Native American people generally.
The following is from”PRISON IS”
     Prison is a place where a letter from family or loved one can be like a notice from the government. When you look at it lying there you are afraid to open it, but eventually you do and usually end up hurt or angry.
     Prison is where you watch your feelings die and your world fall apart from a third person’s point of view.
     Prison is a place where you learn that absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder, only colder, and then you truly learn the meaning of “out of sight... out of mind.”
You stop blaming your wife or girlfriend for wanting a real man instead of the monory of one ...a memory that fades quickly, like smoke in the wind.
     So, maybe now you can understand that I have nothing against a person's sexual preferences, so I would like a female friend to correspond with and although I will not discriminate, preferably maybe a Native American female, so as to have something in common and share indigenous interest.
     I do like to read, write, draw, play, video games and watch movies. I ’am  committed to “AA” and ”NA” and my own recovery. I practice and participate in my traditional Native American ceremonies. In prison that's the Talking Circle, smudging and the once a month sweat lodge. Although I ’am  limited in my tribal language(s) I do conduct myself in a respectful manner with everyone on Mother Earth.
     I did mention that I do write and draw and have decided to up-grade my PPP to the Gallery and submit 16 colored pencil art works and a few pages of writing.
      I would like to get my writings made into cards or posters or silk screen wall hangings as to the message and as to my drawings I would like to make cards and prints and then sell them. At a reasonable agreed upon price not demeaning my art work. On the business end a family member will assist me in where I can send my finished artwork to their home address. The items can be maintained until sold as the art work will be sent to whoever it makes the purchase. Of course like any business partnership there would be a legal agreement for the consignment services and postage and as to personal service fees.

William L Means # 17513
7076 Country Road 55F
Torrington   WY   82240   USA
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Native American
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