Brian Williams
My brother was recently wrongfully convicted and we are working diligently on getting his sentence overturned. During this appeal process he needs true and genuine companionship. I would love for someone to take his mind off of the stress of being incarcerated and waiting to hear news of his case. He deserves to have conversation about movies, dreams, ambitions and life.

My brother is an amazing person who is loyal to a fault and always a giver, great listener, motivator and support. I have stood by his side from day one and will continue to because of the man I know to be.

We don't have many family or friends that can visit, write or that he can call. My grandparents raised us and they simply can't as their health is now failing them. I do the best I can but I work full-time and a mother of four boys. My brother truly needs friendship and something to brighten his days. I hope that there is a female out there willing to be the voice he looks forward to hearing and the letters he can anticipate receiving. He has never married or had children but would love for one day to have a family of his own.

Please allow for this compassionate, warm and fun loving man become part of your life. Life is about the relationships we build along the way and the legacy we leave behind.
Brian Williams # 174190
Bent County Correctional Facility
11560 County Road FF 75
Las Animas, CO 81054 USA
African American
Pimping Human Trafficking
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-04-17
Ad Expiration:07-04-21