Jason Kennard
Jason Kennard # 1739093   
Wynne Unit
810 FM 2821  
Huntsville, TX 77349 USA
I have a few years before I'll get to see the other side of the fence.

I am looking to utilize this time to meet new people and work on which direction my life will go when I'm free.

Business law has been the main focus of my studies, I have many interests and is always looking for new conversation topics. I am all alpha male who takes the dominant role in real life and in fantasy and I enjoy exploring the realm of a woman's mind she often doesn't share.

I am nonjudgmental and believe that every individual has some links in their chain . (Grin). It's what keeps things interesting!

If you're looking to write out of curiosity of what prison may be like, or curious about the mentality of a hustler or just curious as to rather or not I can arouse you in a fantasy you;ve never admired to yourself. You need to send me a letter telling me about yourself and what you are looking for from life. I can promise it will not be an unsured effort and I will respond. Perhaps we can learn something from each other.

Women,Men Friends
African American
Possession of Narcotics
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