Broughm Pate
Hi, thanks for taking the time to view my ad. I'm hoping you'll consider me for a new friend or pen pal.

I'm originally from Texas and have resided in Florida for about seven years. Prior to these false charges I was a successful supervisor living the American Dream to the fullest. These False charges have resulted in the loss of my job, new car,  Beach condo, friends, five years of my freedom and much more.

No matter how tragic it seems, the state can never take my strength, courage. Faith or the fight to prove my innocence. My future is bright! Even with no family here, if I were to walk out of this jail today with just the clothes on my back I would soon have everything I lost back. Simply put I am a determined person and a hard worker. I’ve never used Alcohol and quit drugs at the age of 24. As a non-smoker I prefer to have a nice clean life. I am non-judgmental and will not hold your habits against you.

My time here in jail is spent studying and litigating criminal law. I currently represent myself, Yeah Yeah I know the joke…However my situation is a bit unusual. I'm very good at the law. It's also made much easier by being innocent and working with evidence that clearly shows it.

I'm a non-violent man and have been divorced once. I am open-minded and respectful of others' beliefs. Your opinion matters as much as anyones. I have lost a lot of weight, so I look better and slightly different than the photos displayed.

It's hard here in Florida to get court appointed attorneys or the state for that matter to do their jobs. This is especially true when you fight for your freedom, they drag their feet to delay the inevitable. As an innocent man it is incredibly hard to awake here in this jail everyday. It would feel fantastic to have regular interaction with someone on the outside.

When I'm home I enjoy: camping, fishing, picnics, yard work, dancing, jobs and walking on the beach, swimming, working out, movies, working on home Improvement, writing poetry, drawing, eating healthy-preferably organic, Community Volunteer work (I think this is very important), shopping, delisting the cars, playing with pets, spending Time with friends and the ones I love.

I do not discriminate, your weight, age, appearance, personal habits or religious beliefs are not important to me. Be yourself and we will get along just fine. It’s important to me that you are comfortable, so smile, stay positive and be happy.
I look forward to getting to know you.  Stay safe and write soon. (or email at to Broughm Pate ID # 1737899 and give me the option to reply to your email.

Thanks for reading!
Brougham Pate

Broughm Pate # 1737899
Pinellas County Jail
14400 49th Street North
Clearwater   FL   33762   USA

At the pier enjoying sunset
My Camaro Impounded During Arrest
Weekend At Ritz Carlton
My Camaro Impounded During Arrest
Dining Out - Enjoying Ice Cream
Enjoying The Sun & Pool
Acting Goofy on Halloween
Pouty Face - Joking Around
Relaxing, Ready to go out
Ready for Work
My Life Was Always Beautiful
Kidding Around Acting Goofy
Staying At The Ocean Manor
Ad Start: 03-17-22
Ad Expiration: 03-17-23
Karms, Compassion - God
Possession & Sells Cannabis
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Projectively 10/2022