Jeffrey Petersen
One of the most beautiful and profiled experiences in this life is a good friend. 

Someone who is there in times of shared empathy. Someone who is not overly judgmental but open-minded to new ideas. Someone who can accept others wrongs and be forgiving, but certainly not forgotten. Someone honest as can be, true to oneself and listen when sought after. In a perfect world these ethos would be the norm, but reality is my guiding light. Kudos to you, if you can fit the mold but "Hey" were not all perfect.

What are you searching for in a friend. A fun dialogue, to discover new worlds. Someone who you can just be yourself without being felt vulnerable to patented criticism. Or just a simple platonic relationship on the premise of a shared ideology. My door is open, all I ask is for a chance. I will not disappoint.

I have come back to square one. Which is my current situation. I'm trying to receive any legal assistance that one can bear to give. Not all shooting victims by law enforcement succumb to their wounds. Many are secretly locked away under the guise of trump up charges. It's just a veneeer to cover up a police officer's misconduct. Many years have eclispe in the fight for justice. I'm at the point of the assistance of a qualified attorney to obtain concealed documents. A qualified video forensic expert is also needed. Additionally building a good support cast to shine light on this case will be welcomed. Moral support in these trying times, would also be most grateful. Any interested persons can write me and I'll be sure to reply promptly in kind.

Thank you for your reading my post. Strength respect and peace.
Jeffrey Petersen # 1737771
Eastham Unit
2626 Prison Road  1 
Lovelady, TX 75851 USA

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African American
Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant
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