Kelleh Conteh
Kelleh Conteh # 1737652
Connally Unit
899 FM 632
Kenedy   TX   78119   USA
Attention…Beweare….Caution…… Wrning… This notation is strictly for the ambitious opportunist who is spontaneous free spirited adventurer. Frankly, there is nothing more captivating than witnessing a woman bending her WILL to the commands of another. Submissively succumbing to a superior dominance to unleash her hidden desires. Imagine setting yourself FREE (FREE FALLING) without any limitations or restricted boundaries, on how far you are willing to push yourselves, for the pure satisfaction of PLEASURE. How delicious J have you ever journeyed through unfamiliar terrain? What is your breaking point? Let me assist you in guiding you there….No longer will you be the shy inhibitive person you’ve been facading all these years. You will virtually transform to noble prosperity. Your wonderous life shall manifest before your very eyes, beckoning you towards above normal experiences. Let me show you how truly unique you are to us all. Woman like yourself are so RARE it would a moral sin to not allow others to bathe in your beauty or partake in your festivities. Let me release the Goddess within you! In living out your wildest fantasies you’ll reign like the empress you were born to be. As for myself, I’m a very funny (with a serious demeanor when the occasion presents itself) & energetic individual. Making ppl smile , laugh, and enjoy themselves is a gift bestowed upon me from the All Mighty One. I maintain an upbeat personality & tend not to stress over irrelevant circumstances that are beyond my control. I’m just looking for someone with kind eyes, a kinder heart, & the kindest personality. Honestly, I feel those are the best qualities in an individual. Those genuine tributes, trump what’s on the surface of a person’s physical appearance. I guarantee to keep laughter in your soul, give you my shoulder when you need support, & lend you my ear when you need my undivided attention (Though it may be accompanied by a wicked spanking J At the present time I’m doing a bid in Texas on a false sexual assault charge. I’m innocent of this heinous act (which too many people in Texas are being falsely accused of) For years, I’ve been fighting my charge & I won’t relinquish until my freedom is granted. Get to know me & you’ll see me for the person I truly am. I’ll be patiently awaiting your letter. Blessings upon you. Kelleh

Ad Start: 10-21-21
Ad Expiration:  10-21-22
African American
Sexual Assault
Release Date
Parole 2037