Demetrius Thomas
Demetrius Thomas # 17358-027
F C C USP Coleman 2
P O Box 1034
Coleman   FL   33521   USA
Hello, my name is Demetrius Thomas and I am in search of an amazing person who is serious about communicating and meeting someone new. I am a down to earth person who desires to discover the hidden treasures of someone's personality so that we can share a moment in time that we could possibly build upon. We never truly know the unlimited possibilities of an opportunity until we dedicate ourselves into taking it on. It's just like having a  handful of random seeds. The only way that you can discover what there are is if you plant them and spend time with them watering them and nurturing them. Before you know it, spring will be on the horizon and a field of beautiful surprises will appear before your eyes that came from those unknown seeds. I believe that meeting new people is similar to this process because you never know who you may meet until you spend time getting to know them.

So, if ”YOU” are truly in search of someone who is  sincere, honest, caring and committed to getting to discover and know you then you were truly meant to read this because I have been in search of someone who shares this common interest.

I currently only have until June 15th 2024 before I will leave prison but I would like to continue our communication upon my release. I look forward to hearing from you. Please write a letter to my address and if you would like to communicate by email or the phone please enclose that information in your letter.

I will write you back immediately.

Serious inquiries only please.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Have a great year filled with peace and joy and the abundance of your heart's desires.

Ad Start: 02-22-2024
Ad Expiration:  02-22-2025
Women, Friends
African American, Dominican
Escape, Traficking
Release Date