Fredrick Johnson
First off, I’m from Nacogdoches, TX- 2 hours from Houston, TX. As you see, my photo on the line I’m seeking to give you everything that a person would like in life and get to know someone in this that won't judge you for your mistakes, that you made in life and get to know someone who will uplift you. I love to write and read a lot of Business Books in my free time.

I’m a water man, I like to fish or be in a boat on the water. I’m soul seeking for someone who can take time out of the day and get to know me. This is food for the mind, growth @ development. I can show you so much, but first you have to cleanse your mind. I have so much I want to tell you. Jesus said would you put your new wine in an old wine sack cloth? Or would you put old wine in a new sackcloth. Now, I tell you, put new wine in a new wine sack cloth. Know yourself, know your worth! If whoever writes to me, please  send a photo with the letters. I send some to you A.S.A.P. My mood is happy. I’m a real joyful person. I’ve manned up to what I’ve done in my lifetime. I don’t judge anyone at all. I’m as cool as they come.  If you respect me, you will get the same respect back. I’m from Texas, the USA, the Land of  the Free.

Feel free to write to me and I’ll write back ASAP. It doesn't matter about a person's looks, I go off a person's heart. I’m open minded to a lot.  What I’m looking for is a person 18-60 years of age to write and get to know each other.  For the women that like tattoos, I have many. In my spare time, I love to work and fix things around the house, in the yard. I love old school R&B and country music, also slow jams. Love biking, hunting, and just country living. My favorite colors are blue, pink, purple and green, So remember that.

With Respect, Mr. Frederick Johnson

Fredrick Johnson # 1733274
Smith Unit
1313 CR 19
Lamesa   TX   79331   USA

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African American
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