Hi, my name is Dr. Jeremy J. James. I'm a certified Nouthetic Counselor. I'm seeking a potential relationship, casual friends, anyone needing free counseling sessions, and those desiring to donate funds to support that service.

I'm 41 years old, 5’ 8, and 170 lbs. The photos tell the rest physically.

I love to read, sing, play keyboard and chess. I am a huge sports fan. I also enjoy trying new things and meeting different types of people. Church is a huge part of my life as well, but I'm open to people of all faiths.

I graduated as a Doctor of Nouthetic Counseling in 2021. Since then I've used my training to help couples, families and individuals within the prison system and around the world.  It's my passion.

Therapy by letter has many benefits. Writing itself is proven to be therapeutic. Writing allows you to release your thoughts without interruptions or time restraints. Honestly, there are some matters of the heart that are simply too hurtful too humiliating at the time to reveal face to face. Letters allow us to start our healing process. Try it.

Therapy over the phone is also an option in 30 minute calls. In-person counseling sessions can be arranged for those in Texas. Again all these sessions are free. Donations are welcomed though.

I also want to point out one last benefit. Although I'm a doctor, I'm also an inmate. I have been for 12 years now. I live a cruel, harsh, humiliating reality beyond anything you could imagine. There's nothing you can say to shock, repulse, repel or confuse me.

Trust that I've seen it…lived it…overcome it and will help you through it without an ounce of judgment. Your confidentiality is guaranteed, so contact me today.

As far as a potential mate…you must have been born a female. Outside beauty is good, but a pure heart is more important to me. I don't care about age, race or current location. I only care that you're willing to take a leap of faith in order to have a happier life. Give me a chance to help you achieve that…today.

On top of counseling sessions, I teach rehab classes here. I am a musician and singer for our church services. I do group therapy and I'm in the last year of my Ph. D. program. Yet, I will make time for anyone and everyone willing to reach out to me by letter or J-Pay email system.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this ad. I hope to hear from you soon. To see more of me visit www.youtube.com/buggsbunny38.
I will be discharged from prison 10-5-2024, but may be granted parole 10-5-2023.
Write soon!!!


Dr. Jeremy James # 1714724
Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522
Abilene   TX   79601   USA
Dr. Jeremy James
African American
Release Date
Ad Start:  11-17-2022
Ad Expiration:  03-31-2024