Nathaniel Grant # 16A4962
Clinton Correctional Facility
P O Box 2000  
Dannemora   NY   12929   USA

Nathaniel Grant
By my age you should already have guessed that I am a man of wisdom, knowledge and a past history of mistakes…

Mistakes that have taught me the values of what matters most in life… I have seen and dealt with the ups and downs of relationships of all kinds… I'm just a simple man that only wants the simple things in life… I am looking for someone who is not afraid to take a chance in life… Someone who knows how to let a real man love them unconditionally… Without building walls to shut him out and burning down bridges before they are built… Sharing a love that will be built with honesty, trust, and faithfulness. Someone who believes that no matter what your situation may be dreams do come true…

Now it is all up to you to roll the dice. I'll be here waiting on My Queen…

If you tried all of the B.S. then I'm the one… Please send pic with your first letter.

I don't need anyone wanting to write me because they are feeling sorry for me. (Trust me) I spent enough time doing that myself to compensate for the both of us. And right now I don't need that to be a part of our friendship… I am a man who doesn't want to be judged, and who doesn't judge… You are who you are and that's what makes us all special in God's eyes…

BBW, BWW are all welcome to reach out… Send pic of the real you please…

"A friend  waiting"

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African American
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