Alexander Bebris
Alexander Bebris # 16875-089
FCI Danbury
32 1/2 Pembroke Road
Danbury   CT   06811   USA
I'm Alex, eternal optimist. Born in Boston, grew up in MA,NH and VT. At 18 moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University. Spent adulthood in WI and OH. Divorced with two adult children. My Beagle thinks he's my third child - pet lover!  Thirty year Public Safety Veteran. Entrepreneur - took early retirement in 2017 and started a security business and trucking company. Love of the outdoors led to past ventures in solar and wind energy - being green. I'm a go-getter!

Hobbies: Building, woodworking, furniture refinishing, cooking, radio, model trains, antiquing. Love to laugh, make others smile and light up a room. Enjoy camping and boating - I have a school bus turning camper.

The future: My release date is 2032, but have pending appeals and time might be shorter.

Dreams: Build an off - grid cabin, spend quality time with special friends and travel.

Fun times: Sitting together by the fire pit in the yard under the stars, making a night time trip to the lakefront to watch a meteor shower, hopping in the truck exploring back roads with no particular destination in mind, just finding places to make new memories. Let's share tales of past adventures and plan new ones.

Spontaneous - what does it mean to you?
Picture: A gray winter day. We've no plans. What to do? Stay in/binge watch? (I binge YouTube and Gordon Ramsay). Head out and explore? What's on your bucket list?

Boredom: The hardest part about prison. I've made mistakes but turning adversity and opportunity. Trying my hand as a writer (Free Form Poetry, History, Sci-Fi, Erotica), learning to play guitar, crochet, taking correspondence courses. Working on Mental Health. Suffered from untreated PTSD and Bi-Polar Disorder, but now mentally healthy.

Bisexual and open-minded. Polyamorous Relationships considered? Looking for people to get to know, become friends, have quality conversations in solid friendships and meaningful relationships. Just maybe find the right' “click”, but there is no preconceived image of the “perfect” you. Not looking for a handout, but to turn the page and share the next chapter of my life story.

- Alex

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