Daniel Rouse
I'm Daniel. 

A very open-minded guy with a good sense of humor. I decided to post myself on here hoping to meet friends to share conversations and laughs with because receiving letters, cards, and photos from the free world means more than most people realize to a man trapped behind these fences. They're as precious as breadcrumbs to a starving man at least that's how I view them.

I ask you not to judge me from the fact that I'm locked up but instead for my personality and sincerity of my words, because contrary to society's popular belief there are good man behind these fences, some that just happened to make a few wrong turns on this road we call life. I'm one of those men but that's something I can show you better than I can tell you.

I'm not a shallow or judgmental guy so welcome anyone interested in corresponding. I will admit I'm a little rough around the edges due to the product of my raising and current environment but I still hold a sensitive side. If you look beyond the hard exterior and tattoos you'll find a good heart and compassionate soul. I'm an open book awaiting to be read by anyone with the interest and patience to explore the chapters.

It's my opinion that it's not what a person looks like that matters but instead what they hold within. If you like me in this regard and you're more interested in my mental stability on that note I'll just say that my writing is an extension of my thoughts. I'm not looking to disrupt your life. I'm only hoping to maybe find a small place within it so if I've piqued your curiosity to the point of wanting to know more about the man behind the words, then don't hesitate to write because I've learned sometimes life's opportunities fade faster than water in a desert.

In closing I'll leave you with this. Within choice always lies chance. Beyond every horizon and around every corner lies chance and the choices we make today would ultimately determine the direction our life may go. So if you can bring yourself to take a chance while at the same time giving me one in the end you'll see you've not made a bad choice.
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