Roy Dale Stewart
So writing this inter-letter is not easy at all ! 

So please bear with me while I do my best to put myself on this paper for you to find out a lil about me and hopefully it's enough to make you wanna find out a lil more.

I'm 34 with brown hair and brown eyes, I'm 6'4" and weigh 220 pounds and I really enjoy working out and getting tattoos. Please don't judge me too much by my pictures cuz they are horrible. LOL. And when I'm not in prison I try to enjoy everything. I can and do my best to keep a smile on my face, cuz I know what it's like to have nothing to smile about and that's no way to live.

What I'm looking for with this ad is… Someone I can be positive with and share my hopes, dreams and failures with. I'm looking for friendship, companionship or whatever comes out of our letters to each other. And hopefully I can bring a smile and good times to someone's life as well.

I've been making bad choices for a long time and am ready to find someone to make positive choices and changes with. Hopefully that person is reading this. :)

So I am currently in Arkansas Department Of Corrections serving a 10 year sentence. I've been going two years already and I go up for parole in July 2020. I'm doing time for 2nd degree battery, possession of firearms. I am in a maximum security so if you decide to write I can only get 2 pages in a letter at a time cuz they photocopy all the mail and send us copies.

I know I didn't say much but I hope it was enough to get that first letter. I hope to hear from you soon. :)
Roy Dale Stewart # 167950
Tucker Max Unit
2501 State Farm Road
Tucker, AR 72168-9567 USA

Any Interested Person
2nd Degree Battery Possession of Firearm
Ad Start:  08-23-18
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