Oberlin Cabanas-Salgado
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First allow me a chance to introduce myself..My name is Oberlin, I am 40 years old. 5’ 6” tall, about 180 pounds.

I was born and raised in Mexico,. I'm fluent in Spanish and English.

Now that I've got your attention and you used your so soft fingers to scroll down..I hope to put a smile on your face in hopes of making a true connection and a loyal friend at the end of this.

I feel I'm a very patient, loving and compassionate person, if you decide to take some time out of your busy day, to say “Hi” feel free to ask any questions you may have in mind and I hope my answers put your mind at ease.!!!

I’m searching for a friend to make smile, someone with a positive attitude towards life, someone smart, fun and energetic with good sense of humor, someone I can have a conversation with to escape these brick walls,, someone with an open mind, as well as heart that's able to see the good shining in you, not just the mistakes you have made in the past.. Who will accept you with all your flaws and imperfections.

I'm not looking for a relationship right now,, just someone to write and email, as a friend., That special person who is out there looking for a wonderful experience, maybe you are that special person that could put a smile on my face and make me have a better day., At the same time, find that person that could make you smile also.!!!

We will never know unless you choose to take a chance on me.!!

To pass time, I exercise everyday. I read books..I love to write and read letters from friends and family.

I also use my time, making some Hobby Craft-artwork,, beautiful color paper flowers,, paper and plastic purses, color gazebos, color bracelets and necklaces with names.!!!

I can not wait to hear from you soon.!!  Till then don't think about it twice.!!

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day, to read my words.

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Oberlin Cabanas-Salgado # 167508
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P O Box 3400
Florence   AZ   85132   USA

Ad Start: 11-04-21
Ad Expiration: 11-04-22
Women, Friends
1st Degree Murder, Transportation of Narcotics
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