Sean B. Fox
Art, Art and Romance!

If you like art, then like INXS said, "Your one of my kind!" I was a professional artist and product designer for over 20 yrs. I'm self taught and have a wide variety of areas of study and training. I do illustrative works for other personal or commercial applications, such as album covers, books, special event, cards, etc. If you have an artistic need, lets talk! I preliminary deal with "modern" or comtemporary stylization, but love a challenge. Check out the photo's of my work. I'll be adding more as interest builds.

*The other thing I'm looking for is some romantic fun." I'm straight (girls only) and love to laugh, talk, and be a friend. If you are lonely or need a friend, some one to metaphorically scratch your back or rub your feet, I am your man. There is so much fun we can have in letters through the mail, I've considered writing a book about it. Maybe you could help me wirte it! Maybe you are single right now and just need someone to snuggle up to on a Saturday night, let your hair down and be yourself. Maybe get a little frisky! Well beautiful heart, here I am!

I'm an innocent man, wrongfully convicted of crimes I did not committ. One day, the truth will servace and the good lord will set me free again. Being in prison has really opened my eyes to what is important in life.  I would love to work with you on some fun project, or maybe add you to the short list of people in my life, I call real friends. 

May God bless you and keep you in his blessings, and cause his face to Smile upon you.  I can't wait to hear from you!!
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Amarillo, TX 79107 USA

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