William Smolich
William Smolich # 165927
2925 E Las Vegas Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-1598 USA
Looking for others for near LIFE experiences.

Hey everybody, I'm Will. 6 ft., average build and looks with blonde-ish hair, green eyes, some tattoos and I'm told much younger looking than my 48 years. :) I'm a Chicago native, love my big close family and friends, enjoy most music, making people laugh, reading and writing, riding Harleys, road trips, diesel trucks, technology, everything outdoors and cooking. I have tons of hobbies and many other positive qualities to share today. 20 years ago… Not so much.

Like many of us, I had lost focus on what was important in life, and made a bad choice that hurt people I loved. As a result, I gave away several years of my freedom, but believe the experience has made me a better man. I don't believe that chivalry, romance and decency are dead, because all are now VERY important to me. People just let the wrong things get in the way. Never again! Who's with me? LOTS more to say and I promise our conversations will never be dull.

So, "Riddle me this, visitor"… Do you like to laugh and just enjoy life? Simple things that make life long memories? Trips where the journey is as fun as the destination?  Awesome! Say hi and let's see what the universe has in store. (Picture in prison greens from 2016).

Remember:  "We ALL have baggage. Life is about finding people to help you unpack."
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F4 Attempted Assault
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PED 09/2017
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