Jupiter Rogers

Many times I've observed peers of mine become casualties of relationships that lacked foundation because this was not their cornerstone. A true friendship is a gift that will allow us both to listen to each other, and actually hear one another so that we may learn the proper way to treat each other so that we both may be able to experience the gifts that we have to offer another, so that we may come to know each other's worth. True friendship!!!

This rare jewel that all seek to obtain, but many never accomplished.
This rare jewel, that because of its absence, marriages have been dissolved because it wasn't present, which made it impossible for love to attach itself to these endeavors because this jewel was left by the wayside.

I refuse to allow you and I to join these statistics because you may be my soulmate or I yours, only God knows. I only ask that the marathon be ran beside me.

Contact me: email addresses, photos, phone numbers are reached, whatever you are comfortable with is a gift to me.
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