Michael Breslin
Hi, my name is Mike. I'm from Philadelphia, PA.  

i for I was last residing in Blackwood, NJ before my incarceration  . I'm incarcerated for an armed robbery. I've been locked up for three years. I got drunk one day with the wrong crowd and made a really stupid decision that got me sentence to 15 years. My release date is 5-12-28 but I can be out 5-12-26 (8 years) if I continue to be a positive inmate.

I'm working on getting certified in welding so when I get released I can have a decent career.

I'm 5'7", 180 lbs., stocky build, light brown hair in the summer it gets a little blonde. I have blue eyes, sometimes they look green. I love football, I like watching comedy in action movies, I love the beach, I like rap, R&B, rock and classic rock music. I like going out to eat & tasting different types of foods. I smoke cigarettes when I'm not incarcerated. I use to smoke a lot but slow down a lot before I came here. I'm not into drugs. I drink sometimes but never again.

I'm into all races of women. It's not all about the looks to me, but you have to have good hygiene and what matters most is your character and personality. I like a woman that can make me laugh. I'm looking to find a woman I can bond with you and get to know personally, and hopefully maybe one day be in a relationship.

I have no kids but want to. I just want to get married someday. Hopefully God can send me my perfect match, someone who don't judge a book by its cover and has a good heart. I'm not here to four or five women as a pen pal, once I feel I found the right one my profile will be deleted from this website. I just finally let go of a girl that's been a major factor in my life for 11 years because she did not know how to handle this situation mentally. I hope whoever I end up bonding with is mentally able to deal with the situation I'm in. If you decide you want to write to me I would appreciate if you include a few photos of yourself. What would be even better is if you get the app on your phone called J-pay you make your account and put my name and #on their (Michael Breslin #165428D) and we can message each other and set of writing letters. I have a tablet that I purchased from Commissary. You can also just send the pictures through a message. I checked my messages every day it would also be more convenient for you.

I forgot to put my most favorite thing to do, I love close shopping and I wear a lot of and no I'm not bald. LOL as you can see in one of my photos. I also dye my hair dark sometimes.
Michael Breslin  # 165428 D
Bayside State Prison
4293 RT 47 P O Box F-1
Leesburg, NJ 08327  USA

Armed Robbery
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