Brandon Maxfield
About me: I'm a person who is full of laughter, down to earth who enjoys life to the fullest. I give what I expect honesty. I'm humble with a healthy hunger for knowledge & adventure, I'm single & genuine with my approach in all things. I cherish honesty and others and love loyalty because of how rare it is today. I'm very intelligent, straightforward, sense of humor, unique personality. I'm an open book all you have to do is turn the first page. What you see & read is me. Everyone has their past. Some good and some bad. Never judge a book by its cover!

Looking for:
Someone real who can be themselves and would like to teach me about who they are and how they view this world. They say it's all about the journey-which is true but who you meet along the way can be just as captivating as the scenery. Intelligence, honesty, friendship & compassion are what I'm looking to find & share. If you can relate I promise you won't regret it. I always write back.
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Women, Men, Friends
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