Jamichael Hill # 1641015
Hughes Unit
3201 FM 929
Gatesville   TX   76597   USA
Jamichael Hill
Hello Prison Pen Pal Friends,

Greetings Everyone!  My name is Jamicheal Hill, I am a 31 years old, male, soon to be 32; April 17.  I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I have been incarcerated for 11 years, serving a 20 year sentence.

I am seeking an understanding and down-to-earth person to get to know. Before I speak about myself, I want each person who stops at my page to know that you are accepted. Your heart and you as a person is what matters most to me, so be yourself and let me get to know youβ€¦πŸ˜Š

Me, I consider myself a total upfront person, who has frowned so much in life that now I want to smile every chance I get. Sorry I am not too good at taking pictures! 😏

I haven't been given a chance yet to experience much in life, so can sometimes be too easily entertained. I enjoy reading someone's autobiography or listening to someone tell their story. I feel no to lie when I express myself, because lies are too hard to remember 😟.

I have completely taken a liking to body tattoos. I have way too many to count,but don’t worry they are presentable. Each one means something to me and has a story behind it. I don't want to over talk myself in this little profile or sound like I am tryen to sell myself, but I am sure I am supposed to tell everyone how I have used my time to become a better person, right:?πŸ˜‰

I am currently attending college at: Central Texas College; studying Anthropology and learning how to manage a small business.My family have kept me a part of their lives and help me to be the best dad I can be in my situation.

I have been single since being incarcerated, working extra hard to become the best me I possibly can, not only for my kids or myself, but also so when I get to do a little mingling I can provide my best me and be a positive impact on your life. And not embarrass myself! πŸ˜‰

I work out 5 days a week so I am a solid person. 5’ 9 Β½, 213 pounds.

P.S. I hope my photos are clear enough for your eyes to see. I hope my words are expressed enough to find myself a nice, cool person to get to know better!

Jamicheal Hill # 1641015

African American
2022 - 2030
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