Michael Pack

I'm Mike and I really need a lady to hang out with. I've been locked down in prison for a while now, so needless to say I'm sick of talking to a bunch of dudes all the time and even more tired of listening to them. Straight up, I need a woman in my life that wants to help me get my head out of this cell. There is no doubt that I'd much rather be thinking about you, than anything
in this place.

Okay so, don't let my mad dog prison photo throw you off (it's the only one I have right now) because for the most part, I usually have a smile on my face and I'm always quick to crack a joke. Sometimes I'm so corny even I can hardly stand it :)

I like to think of myself as a pretty easy-going guy with a bit of a wild side. While I'm here I do what I can to make the best out of a bad situation by taking some college correspondence courses and participating in whatever programs available to me.

I'm originally from Long Island, NY but I've been out here in AZ since 2001. Some of the things I miss the most while I'm in here is hanging out with my animals, riding my Harley, working and having someone special to share my life with, oh sooo sad, huh?:( I would really like to meet you if you're the friendly open-minded type that wants to have a few laughs, maybe do a little harmless flirting while doing a lot of getting to know each other. I hope something about this reforming troublemaker peaked your interest and you decided to give this a shot with me.

Talk to you soon

Michael Pack # 163597
P O Box 3400  
Florence, AZ 85132 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Aggravated Assault Felony Flight
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-05-20
Ad Expiration:03-05-22