Charlie Okigbo
Charlie Okigbo # 16241-111
U S P Florence
P O Box 7000
Florence   CO   81226   USA
Ad Start: 01-20-22
Ad Expiration:  01-20-23
Women, Friends
Possession of Firearm
Release Date
12/2021 with Halfway House
Hi beautiful, if your eyes are passing through Da Bio of Charlie Okigbo, well here's a lil intro of who I am.  I'm 34 years old, hazel brown eyes, reddish brown skin tone, 6” 4, weight 230, very outgoing, love socializing, meeting new people, being introduced to new things. Da hype of my life, and hobbies consist of laughing, having fun, traveling, making music, bowling, camping, more time, Etc…

I'm looking to meet a strong, solid, down to earth, honest, loyal and focused individual of class, that enjoys life.  I'm a straight forward individual, so feel free to ask any
questions.  Race is not an issue as long as you fit into what I mentioned earlier.

This is a very new experience for me, looking to hear from you soon, stay focused and keep
positive energy.

Sign’n off,  Sincerely, Charlie Okigbo