Richard Esch
Richard Esch # 1620105
Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony   TX   75884   USA
Hello. I hope that you are well and in the best of both spirit and health. I would love to meet you, and get to know you. I am excited and looking forward to writing, sharing, laughing, and enjoying time spent with you. I love family, friends, and meeting new friends.

I like music, laughing, joking, and having fun. I’m in search of a good woman, but it doesn't matter if you are looking for friendship, love or just someone to have fun and spend time with. I do love and care about everyone within my life, and that comes into my life. Well, almost everyone! LOL…just kidding.

Just so that you know, I have learned how to love. Now I am really a great guy with a huge heart that now loves everyone. In my past, I have made a lot of bad choices within my life. I was 30 when I got locked up, now I am 45. I have had plenty of time to sit and think about things. I have changed my life and I am waiting for another chance.

I workout, so physically I still feel young. I will come up for parole in about 12 years. I stay positive and have plans in mind to be the man I wasn’t in the past, and to live a successful life when I do get out.You are more than welcome to be a part of my life. Your response would mean more to me than you know.

When writing, please don't forget to include your contact information. I would love to have you be a part of my life! True love never dies, and true friendships last forever! Thank you for your time! Note: letters on white paper only, or through No cards allowed.

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