Marlia Arciero
Aloha, I would like to express gratitude towards you for viewing my profile.

My name is Malia, I am seeking friendship and companionship.  Perhaps if there is a connection our relationship will flourish. 

I am a lonely lady currently designated in Marianna, Florida, however I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.  I have a kind heart and also enjoy expressing myself through my imaginative flair of personality.  I love meeting people and seeking support from others.  I am far from home and become a bit sad at times. 

I would love to hear from you and would be overzealous to correspond and become aquatinted.  There's no better time then this very moment to reach out discover new friends through all aspects.  Please send me a letter and tell me about yourself.  Let's build our foundation from there. 

You can chose to include your e-mail and phone number too if you seek a speedy response.  Please address letter to
Malia Arciero 16101022
FCI Marianna Federal Correctional Institution Satellite Camp
P.O. Box 7006 Marianna, Fl 32447.

Hope your having a lovely day.  May we express peace and happiness towards one another.
Marlia Arciero # 16101022
FCI-Marianna Satellite Camp
P O Box 7006
Marianna, FL 32447 USA
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Ad Start: 06-08-17
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