All race’s beautiful Queen, let me allow myself to state with I’m looking for heavier set dame what might not be considered an OK in the grocery store magazine.  You’ll bein tired of bein overlook, I would love to get to know you better if possible?  “Who think their overweight step up.  I’m a very strong-minded black Elohim”.  So, let me slide something between your ears to make that simple cease.  I’m willing to give one hundred percent of my mind, body & soul.  You’ll don’t have to hold you pill tight tonight because you, are at home alone.  I love to listen to your deep thoughts, I want to understand you’re thinking, I’ll hear your opinions also.  There nothing to stop you from journey of unicorn.  Take a chance on truth, let this light at the end of your guide.  Hold your body motionless, let your spirit purify the mind nature’s infinite way is makin safe divine.  Once you come to me you want be manipulated, lied to mentally or physically abuse or emotionally damaged.  I came to realize that I’m here for my Queen.  I’ll never judge your personal want and need because I’ll fulfill all of them.


Darvin Davis # 1604630
East ham Unit
2665 Prison Road #1
Love Lady,  TX   75851   USA
Darvin Davis
African American
Aggrevated Robbery, Aggrevated Assault
Release Date
Hold Time 2029
Ad Start:   02-04-21
Ad Expiration: 
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