Tony Wadleigh

Hey Ya'll!

I currently live in North Carolina. I'm Italian, 6'3" and 210 pounds. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2013 I moved to California and lived there until I moved to North Carolina in April 2018.

I am new to the state of North Carolina. Currently I am single! And looking to get to know someone. I am not interested in wasting my own or someone else's time. Finding a partner in something real would be awesome. Importantly I want to find an everlasting relationship.

I am a city boy, who loves the outdoors, cooking, going to the beach, swimming, listening to and writing music, traveling and visiting different places is awesome, going out to eat, dates and movies, camping, riding street bikes, going to bars, shopping, good food, wine, family get-togethers, hiking, fishing, watching Netflix and chilling is also my thing! I am also big into fitness and working out.

I have an outgoing, energetic personality, I am funny, smart, confident, and sexy. I have a big heart and a great smile.

!I HAVE NO KIDS! One day I want to get married, have kids a family of my own and share my life with someone, who I can share similar interests and happiness with. I also have a big artistic side of me. From making and writing music, drawing and doing portraits, tattooing and dancing.

I am looking for, mostly date, and am attracted to women older than me. Not saying I am not interested or attracted to younger women. I just love maturity. I am attracted to all races, heights, and weights. I love big beautiful eyes and a great smile, also huge personality. I believe what is on the inside makes me like a person. I also like a person who is open-minded in bed and classy in the public eye. Someone who is fun to be around, also funny and smart.

I enjoy sensual moments and being romantic, I love spoiling my girlfriend (when I have one) surprising her with gifts, flowers and her favorite things, taking her out, giving great massages and foot rubs is one way to be good to my significant other.

Trust! Honesty! Respect! Is the key to my heart!

Yes, I am in prison, but I do not want to continue making the same mistakes or anything to jeopardize my freedom again. When I get out I will be 30 years old. I have hopes and dreams or my future. My release date is the middle or end 2020.

When you write could you please send me a picture, maybe a number? So I could put a face and a voice behind the person who writes me.
I look forward to making a friend, and maybe find someone I could meet in person. Hopefully someone who could sway my mind about being single. I would love to find something real. I look forward to hearing from someone interested in getting to know me. I am excited for what is to come.


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