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The best &  most beautifulest things in the world cannot be seen nor touched!!!!  But are felt in the heart….

I've come to realize that most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be!!  Please allow me to formally introduce myself to you all, JIMMY LEE HARE..

I’m from Houston, TX but have lived most of my life in Galveston, TX alil  place known as Bacliff, TX.  I stand 5’10”  about 188 lbs. have hazel eyes and dark hair when it's not shaved.  I’ve  been blessed with a very young soul! and I am thankful for that.  I have tattoos all over, some would say more than the law allows 🙂   I absolutely love music.  All of it!!   I love to lay in a hammock in the mornings watching the world come alive..

I've been married once and have no children.  Though I do love them.  I'm single now and at this time I'm completely okay with it.. Though I do believe the loneliest place in the world  is the human heart when love is absent… I do however try to live my life to the fullest,  even in my time of trials…

I believe in honesty and do not believe in playing with one's EMOTIONS.. we are both human..  I love a lady that wants to be spoiled and treated like a princess.. that's curvy and voluptuous,  wild and adventurous!!!!!!  A lady that smiles big and has pretty feet….

I'm not searching for something at the end of the rainbow!!!

I apologize that it has to start here but we must start somewhere.  So here I am, come and let's get a wonderful friendship started…  Lord knows we all need at least one good friend in life,  let that be us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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