Glenn Greer
Future ex-wife, we finally found each other and whether fate or destiny brought us together, let's tighten our seatbelts and enjoy the adventure.

I'm assuming you've read several profiles and heard  (seen ) all the stale my names blah blah. I'm a nice guy blah blah blah…I read books and like music, just want to be friends and meet new people blah blah blah… I hope these haven't discourage you from keeping an open heart to what could be possible for us.

Unfortunately, I spent most of my adult life in prison and I'm a few years into a life sentence on this round. My case is on direct appeal, we've got good grounds and great hopes. I'll one day eat steak, drink whiskey and feel the touch of a woman again!

I'm looking for genuine friendships, a wife and someone who completes my soul…

Incarceration is something uniquely strange, that only animals and the deranged understand. Convicts are a tragic mutation of the 2 balancing between insanity and primal instinct… We lose so much more than mere freedom by being incarcerated, our dignity, self-worth, pride, ability to care and provide for our family, raise our kids, love and trust of our family, effective communication, constructively contribute to something (community) beyond ourselves, share the burden, joy, heartache, stress of a loved one, console or mourn a loved one, give any sort of actual physical emotional tended support, you can never be present in any moment of celebration or tragedy. Were always an outside (after) thought!

This go round took everything from me. I battled government, imformants, the deceit and betrayal of "friendships"and got kicked in the nuts every step! Along the way my dearest and only friend (my sister) was killed in a domestic murder/suicide, it's taken me a while to come to terms and open myself up and be vulnerable, genuine trust and intimacy are what I miss most and I refuse to allow this place to destroy my spirit or define my character!!

Obviously, I've got some trust issues and despise liars, please just tell me 'no or to f**k off! The truth will not hurt my feelings, but lie to me and where done! Honesty and loyalty are wonderful and let us know we're sincerely loved and cherished…

Being locked in a cage can breed hated self loathing. If you allow yourself to become your environment or you find someone who'll grasp onto the kindness in your heart and spirit and give you something to strive for beyond yourself and this place. All that I have good in my soul, I want to share with someone and be there first, last and every thought. Not and "outside (after) thought".

I'll write anyone, friendship is cool, but I'm trying to find the other half of my soul!
Glenn Greer # 158258
P O Box 3600  
Buckeye, AZ 85326 USA
Friends, Legal Help
Conspiracy Assisting Criminal Street Gang Weapons x 2
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
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