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My name is Chris. I am seeking legal help organizations to retain a lawyer to receive legal help. I was unconstitutionally enhanced beyond my "relevant" statutory maximum guideline range in light of Supreme Court decisions "Appredi, Blakeley & Booker in violation of my 5th amendment "Due process clause right" and my 6th amendment right to the "Notice clause" and jury trial rights. The Supreme Court decision were clear & well-established law before the initiation of my indictment. Also my indictment was based on a factual lie which is also a violation of my 5th amendment "Due process clause" rights. Both material witnesses lied in the original police reports then change their mind at the grand jury hearing. There was 3 different theories of the case presented to the grand jury and I was convicted of a 4th theory that the grand jury never heard. I was sentenced to 240 months (20 years) when my "relevant" statutory maximum guideline range was 41-51 months.

Before my incarceration I was a successful entrepreneur. My goals are to educate myself in business, and reenter society as a productive law abiding citizen. Please help me from this injustice.

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