Brian Brandolini
I am a veteran of foreign war. Participated in a couple of tours of the Persian Gulf as an aircraft mechanic in the Navy back in the early 90s.

I grew up in California, lived in several states, then landed in Arkansas. I have worked in restaurant management and sales most of my life. I spent a good deal of my time traveling in meeting interesting people.

I am a good conversationalist and have a great sense of humor, I love food, enjoy sports, reading, and nowadays the occasional movie.

I am six years into a 14 year sentence. Since being locked up it appears as though my world has shrunk dramatically. Conversation with family and friends always seem to have this ominus feel about them as if to say "When you get out things will be normal, yet until then it's just dead time."

I would very much like to break up the monotony of these conversations with someone other than an inmate who is experiencing the same thing.

I am not looking for anything in particular. If you have the ability to express your thoughts, and you can carry on a conversation, I would love to meet you. I would like to build relationships with people that will last long after my sentence is over.

While I am single I am just looking for friendship right now. Although it is impossible to come to a place like this and not change to an extent, my sentence and my current surroundings do not define me.

I look forward to hearing from you and making new friends.

God Bless.
Brian Brandolini # 155667
Varner State Prison
P O Box 600
Grady, AR 71644 USA
Women, Friends
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-19-18
Ad Expiration:07-19-20