Brian Brandolini
I am a veteran of foreign war. Participated in a couple of tours of the Persian Gulf as an aircraft mechanic in the Navy back in the early 90s.

I grew up in California, lived in several states, then landed in Arkansas. I have worked in restaurant management and sales most of my life. I spent a good deal of my time traveling in meeting interesting people.

I am a good conversationalist and have a great sense of humor, I love food, enjoy sports, reading, and nowadays the occasional movie.

I am 7 years into a 14 year sentence. Since being locked up it appears as though my world has shrunk dramatically.

I am not looking for anything in particular. If you have the ability to express your thoughts, and you can carry on a conversation, I would love to meet you. I would like to build relationships with people that will last long after my sentence is over.

While I am single I am just looking for friendship right now. Although it is impossible to come to a place like this and not change to an extent, my sentence and my current surroundings do not define me.

I look forward to hearing from you and making new friends.

God Bless.
Brian Brandolini # 155667
Varner State Prison
P O Box 600
Grady, AR 71644 USA
Women, Friends
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-19-18
Ad Expiration:07-19-20