Christopher Coleman
Communication is the foundation of any relationship that you are trying to either build or obtain.  It could be either a friendship or a personal relationship. It is also a large part of growing, learning, and becoming better. That is what I believe and understand is the purpose and point of humane interaction.

It is not all about a financial point or game but a physical, mental, and spiritual growth also. I strive to become better and also find someone that I can help better.

I enjoy reading and writing books, listening to and making music, and just having a good time. I was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in El Dorado, Arkansas, so I have a city boy attitude with real Southern hospitality.

Some things that I myself am is a sincere person who is not afraid to open up. I am not one who cares too much about the outside appearance because I feel it's what we have on the inside that shows who we truly are. As long as a person is honest, loyal, and respectful which are three main traits of any real man or woman, they should be able to progress in any situation.

Some of my goals are to have my books published and one day have my own catering company (I love to cook!) I am also looking for someone who is interested in one day having and raising a family.

I spend a lot of my time studying and writing. I enjoy learning about anything that has a purpose. I don't want to spoil too much about myself, I want to leave something for later.

I do have one question for anybody who writes.
Do you live in the moment, dwell on the past, or dream about the future?

Christopher Coleman  # 154797 
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Marianna, AR 72360 USA
African American
Probation Revoration (Robbery)
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