Melvin Latchett
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Michaels Unit
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Tennessee Colony   TX   75886   USA
Subject: Completeness
The struggle to become who I am today and who I will continue to be came to me by a method of Pain and Loss. “When the pain to remain the same becomes greater than the desire to change; then we naturally choose to change” My change was a heart opener for if we open our heart elevating our thought then we are born to sincere honest effort to become a meaningful piece of the “positive” side of life that must include happiness!

I am 5’ 10 ½” - 192 pounds Pisces*! I like to stay fit and healthy so I work-out. I love to read and I am a writer also! I also play chess…. My goals are to have my own business soon, and to make (2) someone happy, whole, and complete! Color and race doesn’t exist in my space, I am truly blessed today to see and search for that unseen quality of someone that is not found by what you see on the outside, but by that existence you cannot see! I am hoping also someone would see this in me also. Prison has helped me see myself; willing such a self toward good, positive, elevating change! I see to satisfy and become (one) with growth and to also (Learn) with someone who desires the same!
Melvin 2021

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African American
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