Matthew Sheppard
Matthew Sheppard # 154222
Varner Unit Super Max
P O Box 600
Grady   AR   716444   USA
I am currently doing a ten-year sentence.  I am supposed to get out 05/05/24 pending good time, date could change. I am incarcerated for theft by receiving, felony fleeing, Aggravated assault.

I’m 5'10, 180 pounds with a very athletic build. So some things I love doing are swimming, fishing, mudding, traveling, riding ATV’s, all sports playing or watching, and music and poetry are some of my many interests.

So why am I on this site? That's pretty simple. I'm looking for a friend/significant other. I can't lie but I am on this site searching for the same thing everyone in the world searches for everyday. Happiness but to be more specific I am for many reasons currently at a low point in life but on the verge of regaining my stability through growth and change and searching for some new friends and a significant other to join me on the long road I have ahead of me so please take time out of your day to bring a smile on my face with a letter.

If you are interested please don’t be shy. I’m open to all questions. Just remember a man who never fails has never tried and a man who quits admits defeat in the face of adversity.

Thank You.

Ad Start: 01-05-2023
Ad Expiration:  01-05-2024
Women, Friends, Donations
Caucasian, Native American
Theft by Receiving, Aggravated Assault, Felony Fleeing
Release Date