Ubaldo Perez
My name's  Ubaldo Angel Perez. 

I'm 29 years old with for Mexican bloodline from Junez Chihuahua but raised in Denver Colorado.

I'm currently incarcerated for a 2nd° assault been down 2 on a 16 have to do 5-12 more hoping for appeals so I can go home to my beautiful daughter and wonderful family.

I believe all in life happens for a reason. How can you really ever be on top? Without knowing rock-bottom how can you live in success without the knowledge of struggle. Life is a gift. So I'ma open it with calm and not take it for granted.

I am currently focused on finishing my paralegal schooling. As well as my barber license. I know I am in a rough time in my life but I know what don't kill you makes you stronger.

I enjoy music, all kinds of it and got a really good sense of humor. I love good food and like to make everyone's smile. Life is crazy I've lived in. And I grew a lot learned to love with no regret if not only become wise and grow. I know just to leave it in God's hands and faith. Hell do his wonders.

I'm not ashamed of my past because if not for that I would not be the man I am now and sometimes we struggle to put the pieces together. I know I'm in a struggle right now to put the pieces together but I'm not a quitter and I am far from over.

I am seeking a friend to write me. If possible one that can call my Queen and give my loyalty and one I can get to know every day more and more.

Ubaldo Perez # 153731
Crowley County
6564 St. Highway 96
Olney Springs, CO 81062  USA
Women, Friends
2nd° Assault
Release Date
MRD 06/15/31 PED 06/15/23
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Ad Expiration:12-14-18