Antione Nelson
You was saved for me. 

It is a shame, we have yet to be appointed.  An injustice, we must make just. Prison has been mean, hard and unkind. Even heartbreaking. So I seek a gentle touch. A touch I would most appreciate. I wouldn't think twice to give in to her. Or a meaningful friendship with those whom fit the following qualities. Smart, strong-minded, exciting, loyal, a kind soul, a goal achiever, outgoing and fun. Of course a music lover. Being unique is a plus. I also find it attractive to be mischievous in ways.

I'm for you.

I'm a good listener, whose dependable. I try to stay fit and live health conscious. I am funny, humble and easy-going. I'm loyal to no end. I wish to do good things in life. I wish to be a loner no more. I'm a big Dallas Cowboys. I enjoy the TV shows The Walking Dead and Power. A little too much. Would rather write you too much.


If you enjoyed my plead and have that feel good feeling. You should come to me…

Antione Nelson # 15321112
P O Bo 3000   
White Deer, PA 17887 USA
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Armed Bank Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-18-20
Ad Expiration:06-18-21