Noah Marburg
Hi, my name is Noah Colenda Marburg.

Who wants to be the lucky girl? I'll tell you what-on this and you have a cat that is priceless ! :)

I was arrested for possession one Carolina Beach, North Carolina and was given a 20 month sentence. I have already served eight months as I write this-leaving 12 months left. I would love to get to know you through the mail and share with you this experience.

I am 43 years old and I am very young at heart. My birthday is May 4th 1974 so I am a Taurus and a Tiger. I am very fit and strong with a clean bill of health. 185 lbs./6'0", blue eyes, smart, funny, bighearted, passionate, lots of joy, positive attitude!

I am an artist and will send you myself through envelope art with each day in every letter. I love to travel. I love to show those who I love most the world my eyes. I am single/never married/no kids. Yet I love kids and of course animals-since I saved them all…:) I love the outdoors, especially around bodies of water… All sports, especially water sports.

I'm looking for someone beautiful in all the ways the word is used to share it with… Young at heart like me-always craving adventure… To love and to last! I would love to be able to count on you. As well as getting little gestures from you-surprises-showing me you're interested and thinking of me… Especially when I'm not expecting it. As you will see-I will do so well… Is it kismet? I hope so! It is now in your hands…

Tag-your it!
Noah Marburg # 1529000
Pender Correctional Institution
P O Box 1058
Burgaw, NC 78425 USA
Women, Friends
Possession Drugs
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-11-18
Ad Expiration:01-11-20