Abdiel Perez
To all my friends and beautiful women of all kinds and races. 

Hi! I am a Latino man born in Venezuela raised in Chicago. My mother's Venezuela and, father's Dominican. I speak Spanish and English. Spanish being my first language.

I will be turning 30 years old on March 2. I am 5'9", 210 pounds. If I was to break down who I am two words it would be family and music. I love kids. Maybe one day God will give me the privilege of starting my own family. I do not have kids but do not mind if you do.

I'm a musician, I play drums and piano. I love Bachata, Salsa, Regeton and Rap.

I am searching for this thing I've heard so much about but never really experienced, it's called love. I've been in and out of jail since I was a child and locked up since 2010. So relationships and things of that nature are kind of new to me. My biggest pet peeve are liars. I do not respect the lie. I have a lot of time so I am open-minded to a lot of things. So no games just  100% and be yourself. I would prefer a Hispanic woman due to the fact my first language is Spanish. But age or race is not a factor.

I am working on my freedom. I do have a paid lawyer. I'm just looking for someone I can build with mentally and spiritually. A friend, a soulmate, my better half in reason to smile. So hit me up! Feel free to talk to me about anything. I would like to know what are you looking for on this penpal site. And what ever else. Just remember no lies!

Till pen meets paper.

Abdiel Perez

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