Angela M Robbins

Imagine, inside prison walls, fields of flowers at bloom. It's an interesting thought, isn't it?

Hi my name is Angela & I hope to capture those blossming faces behind concrete walls. I may be trapped inside chain-link fences topped with razor wire, but I prefer to focus on the beautiful petals & green leaves shooting up & how all these women lean towards the sun, determined to grow. I want to use my art to speak to people on different levels without being judged, I want to use my art to speak directly, heart-to-heart.

My passion, pre- prison, was photography but once inside I had to branch out. I took a drawing class & fell in love with charcoal, after my first stroke of the pencil. I spent hours everyday practicing with horrible results Gradually though, my skills grew & the faces I drew began to resemble the faces I looked at for reference. Once I developed enough skill, I began to incorporate pastel chalk & after a couple years I can now say that I am adopt at either media.
On the flipside, painting was always easier. I started with folk art flowers, moved on to T-shirts & pillows & then finally advanced to canvas. I love to use my paint brushes to capture a feeling or share a new perspective with others.

I hope, as you peruse photos of the art I created, you feel moved. There is a story behind every piece, every theme. Custom creations are my favorite & I prefer to develop unique pieces that incorporate different elements with poetry (untold) or textures (unconstructed) or theories. (prison reform), bias (Queen), racial inequity (unbound), etc. I look at every piece of art as an opportunity to speak another truth.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what you see & how art, in general, makes you feel. When I'm not drawing or painting I am teaching English  (to Spanish speakers) or Spanish to English speakers. I also love to read & listen to music or have friendly debates about politics. I look forward to making new friends as much as I anticipate a new painting

Angela M Robbins # 15276-045 FCI-Waseca
P O Box 1731
Waseca, MN 56053  USA
Men, Women, Friends, Donations
Conspiracy to Commit Murder
Serving a Life Sentence By Annual Parole Hearing
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"Unspiraling Humanity"
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"Cry Out"
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