Jeffrey (Nae'Quan) Wyche
Jeffrey (Nae'Quan) Wyche # 270111
J C I - 1525560
P O Box 534
Jessup   MD   20794   USA
I know, I know, I know!  Before you go off on me?  (Smile) I’ve been busy?  But, I’m here now! (Smile)

So, how have you been?  I can’t wait to see you!  (Smile) as for myself?   Dealing with daily demands of life.  No excuse(s)?  But, I realized I’ve been neglecting you.  I need you to understand that I’m ambitious, outgoing, w/a hustler’s attitude!  But, I promise I’ll always make that necessary time for you!  (Smile) Honestly, if I was standing in front of you at 6’3”, 230 lbs looking in them eyes.  What do I need to know?  Me, I’m a Leo, native NY’er, Bklyn to be exact.  What a combo, OMG!  (Smile) my confidence comes off cocky, well maybe I am just a lil (Smile) But, seriously!  Who knows what you and I can produce.  When (2) people meet, there’s no telling what that person will bring out of you?  HMPH?  I’m curious, show me what I never knew?  As I’m getting deep inside you, I’ve reached a depth you didn’t expect me to?  So, we’ve both become comfortable.  You to open up and let me get deeper, and me to give more of myself.  MMM.  An incredible feeling (Smile).  Until you touch me, I’ll be here.  #Pandemic #Be Safe

African American
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence - Undetermined
Ad Start: 03-17-22
Ad Expiration:  03-17-23