Brandin Kreuzer
Hi, I'm Brandin. I'm 28, 6'2", 185 ibs.

I've been incarcerated for nine years, since I was a teen. I am lonely, and I want to find a girl to build a relationship with. I am looking for the girl of my dreams-my best friend.

I am Christian by heart and bad boy by nature. I have pursued extreme sports my whole life, and I seek adventure. I love to explore uncharted places,to stand where no other has. I love crawling through caves and rappelling down waterfalls. I am not afraid of something new, or of pushing myself to find my potential.

I also love academia. Originally, I fell in love with physics. The intricacy of the quantum universe, the order from chaos, and the limitless potential light my eyes. However, this study soon turned to philosophy and although mathematical paradoxes,electrodynamics, and quantum phenomena still intrigue me, my sights find more focus in metaphysics, value theory, and especially epistomology.

I would like to find a girl who is very into fitness. Exercise is a very large part of my time and focus, and some day I want to compete in the CrossFit-fittest on earth championship. I spend roughly 4 hours a day at the gym training and teaching "CrossFit" methodology. I created and lead a prison fitness program with 40 members and at this facility my athletic ability is unmatched.

I do not give up easily, and am tenacious in every pursuit. I do not accept mediocrity, and my greatest attribute is determination. I value truth, honesty, commitment, and dedication in a person. I highly value curiosity, and is one of my favorite things in a girl.

Currently I have a 50 year sentence for assaulting police. However, I have a promising reconsideration coming soon.

Brandin Kreuzer # 152217
49030 State Highway 71
Limon, CO 80826  USA
Assault on Police
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-21-17
Ad Expiration:09-21-18