Antonio Freeman

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However, how, who, what, or, why? I do not deserved to be love, yes, I'm a sinner. No, I am not perfect. I have endured losses, pain, struggles, and hurt. Just as well as, everyone else have too. We all victims. Just as we all been victimzers. Weather, we hurt a person on the inside or out, we still hurt them.

It's over 50 states in this world. God's world. The creator. Lakes, seas, Mountains, the sky, moon and sun. It's too much love out there to hate or dislike someone because of skin color, background, education level, or, the way they live or where they live. I know beliefs, traditions, maybe even disownment have caused us people to go in the wrong direction that's filled with hate. We a human being that loss has already been found.

Why friends, love ones, intimate associates, leave us, move on, are just seen distant. Or not there. God, has always been there. In our darkest moments He's there. Whether we believe it or not. Or, want to accept it. Understand and believe. The most precious jewels are found underground. Silver, gold,ore, oil, even gas comes from the ground, Mother Earth. So there's times are for us to heal, be mold, shape, broke down, put back together to grow. In some situation learn. But, in most situation to build your faith…

I'm Antonio Freeman. I'm 35 years old. From Longview TX. A small town in East Texas,(Pinetree). I was wrongfully convicted, over sentence, and discriminated on. I got a burglary of Hab. and a sexual assault. Two different charges. However, she was a minor, 16teen. I was 21. Two different races, unfairness turn this situation power and ugly. Nevertheless, I just want the world to see me as a person, not what paperwork try'in to make me out to be.

I cannot love you. Nor, do I know how you love. But! You can teach me to love you and be a good pen pal. Please Write I Will Respond Back, Promise… God Bless.
Antonio Freeman # 1512080
Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522  
Abilene, TX 79601 USA
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Burglary of Habitation Sexual Assault
Release Date
Ad Start: 10-24-19
Ad Expiration:10-24-21