Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton # 150656
Grimes Unit
300 Corrections Drive
Newport   AR   72112   USA
My name is Michael Hamilton ADC # 150656. I’m in the ADC for residential burglary.  I’m a 31 year old African-American, and a dad to two lovely kids, an 11 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.  Both are mix with white.  I don’t see color at all.  I’m here till 2029, if that’s how long God wants to keep me here, it’s all in his hands.  I’m from a small town here in Arkansas called Prescott, AR where I’m the youngest out of 3 boys.  I’m a Christian and do my best each day to live that life.  I’ve been walking this walk for about 4 years and I would not change it for nothing.

I’m a country boy, so I wear cowboy boots and mud ride and love to fish, and spending time with the person I’m with.  I’m single and have a big heart.  I love hard, but some time people try to run over me and that’s when I let God bring people into my life.

I’m going to college right now getting a bachelor degree in Divinity and Ministries, so I can help to stop bringing men and women to a place like this.  I also have a book that I’m writing.  I’m not just looking for a friend I’m looking for a wife.  I’ve given my love to all the wrong women, it’s time I give it to someone who would enjoy a great young man.  I love to cook and clean and spend time in the word of God.

That’s as much as I can think about at this time, but send a letter or email and I’m always open to talk and get to know you.  Send a letter and I can tell you how to get the email.

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African American
Residential Burglary
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